Stone Temple Pilots Member Reacts To Criticism For Continuing After Scott Weiland’s Death


Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz was asked in a new MXDWN interview about STP fans being surprised by the band’s decision to continue after Scott Weiland’s 2015 death. At the time, Chester Bennington had just quit STP and the band were inactive as they privately searched for a new singer, prior to their online singer search being launched in 2016. Chester Bennington died in July 2017. The band announced the hiring of Jeff Gutt in November 2017.

“I think the fact that we released Scott two, three years before he passed, we already were moving forward because unfortunately with Scott at the end there, STP just couldn’t move forward. We had to move on and then when Chester came in, he was so excited to bring the band, especially in live performances, where we all knew it needed to be, with love and energy and enthusiasm. And then from there we just kept writing new material. With the new album coming out it’s going to be really fantastic. There’s so much more left in what we have and we want to present it, we want to keep playing for the fans and keep recording.”

He also said during the interview, “With the passing of Scott, that’s been weighing heavily on us emotionally. Then you throw in that we’ve just completed the 25th anniversary of Core, so we were putting together that whole deluxe box set, so there was a lot of material, photos interviews, a lot of stuff there to reflect on all the years with Scott. In some ways it was a really good time to bring in someone new. Instead of going forward, we actually had that year to reflect upon where we were so we could delve into that and bring up all the emotions we’ve had since the beginning, the middle and stuff towards the end, and it was a full cabinet of emotions.

On top of that, we started being really excited with where the new material’s going and how easy it was for us to write with Jeff. He was very similar to the writing process we had with Scott and Chester in the early days where we just get into a small room, we don’t have to play that loud and we’re just writing, writing, writing, throwing out parts, coming up with great ideas, bringing back some old ideas. Just having a vocalist there to cement everything together, that’s the part that’s really, really exciting for the new record.”

  • makingconnections

    I wish Stone Temple Pilots well in the future. Sometimes I think the constant referral back to Scott Weiland making it impossible for them when he was so dysfunctional is stating the obvious and should no longer be part of their identity as a band. We get it, we know what happened. They went their separate ways a long time ago. I don’t know if they realize how many of us really love Scott Weiland and feel defensive for the slightest negative comment against him.

    The truth is that Stone Temple Pilots have a unique and sweet sound that I and many other look forward to hearing with their new singer, Jeff Gutt. I do think that Scott Weiland helped them to establish that sound, but all the better for everyone if they carry on making their music, however it sounds at this point in time.

    • Kay B

      I love Scott no doubt. But at the same time the band as to move on when they have a lack for a better word dysfunctional singer. I miss Scott a lot and next month I will be driving up to lay a flower in the parking lot where he died. I do appreciate Jeff for stepping up so we can see this great band play again.

      • makingconnections

        I agree with you Kay. They have a unique sound and they all have so much to offer as musicians. They don’t need to be the band that had Scott Weiland as their singer any longer. To truly move forward they and we need to let go of that image. Scott has moved on and I hope he has found the peace, wherever, he is that he was unable to find here.
        I’m glad you take the time to remember Scott in the way that you do. He jumped right into our hearts and will be there forever it seems.

      • Allison Auld

        That’s so sad when said that way, “in the parking lot where he died”. How very sad. It’s nice of you to remember him like that. So many people seem to have just forgotten him.

        • Kay B

          Well maybe most would just throw him in the junkie category, and yes he was an addict. But some can’t get past the demons so take it for what it’s worth and enjoy what he gave us.

    • Marcella

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  • Stone Gossardish

    No criticism, just an evaluation. What they have now is a cover band. Might as well call it something new and play STP and Talk Show songs too.

    I don’t have a problem with them doing whatever they want to do. To me, that band ended a while ago and I’ll just stick to that material.

    • makingconnections

      Interesting viewpoint.