Metallica Icon Jason Newsted Disrespected At Record Store


One Metallica and rock and roll superfan, as well as a local record store cashier, took to social media via Twitter to share his experience about meeting Metallica’s iconic bassist, Jason Newsted and how his conversated consisted of him to “record the Grateful Dead”. Lars Ulrich wife swimsuit photo stuns Metallica fans.

The Twitter user stated: “I was working at The Good Guys in Walnut Creek Ca. upcoming weekend were Grateful Dead shows. Some guy comes to the cashier (me) buys a full minidisc setup. I say out loud, the first thing you should record is the dead this weekend. The guy was Jason Newsted, Metallica Bass.”

Metallica ‘bring back’ bassist in emotional announcement. In other Metallica news, fans recently took to social media to reflect on the legacy and impact of one of Metallica’s most legendary albums, …And Justice For All. One reviewed replied: “ The remaster sounds great and has far more punch and clarity than the old edition. Any fan of this album should definitely consider the upgrade, especially at this good price.

Jason Newsted looks sad in photo with Metallica replacement. Continuing the reviewer put: “As for a remix, I do feel that the band missed an opportunity to release it as a bonus disc as Pearl Jam did with Ten a few years back. I am really surprised by this decision given the reputation of the album’s production and the successful artists like the Beatles have had with remixes. From what I have read though, this might not be possible due to the condition of the old tracking tapes. Overall I am happy with the purchase and quality of the remaster. I am looking forward to the Black album remaster to round out Metallica’s classic period.”