Stone Temple Pilots Member Reveals If He Spoke With Scott Weiland Before He Died

Photo by Corey Hickok

Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo discussed his lack of relationship with Scott Weiland near the time he died in a new MCall interview.

The interviewer asked, “What kind of relationship, if any did you have with Scott at the time he passed?”

“Um, we didn’t really. The relationship was a bit different from when we started out together. But, you know, I always loved the guy. I always loved Scott, and what we created together is something that will always be in my existence – my soul, my body, you know?

“That will always be there, and I really have to thank him for [my] being here now. He was partly responsible for that, and I’ll never forget that.”

He also discussed STP’s future with their new singer Jeff Gutt.

“Uh, you know, more touring. And, you know really just getting more acquainted and comfortable with each other. You know, we just literally finished our first tour. We were on tour for 2 ½ weeks, and that was our first tour.

“And just getting more comfortable and acquainted with each other and making more music. And, you know, making that music as poignant as possible as our relationship grows. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”