Stone Temple Pilots React To ‘All The Negativity’


Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt discussed joining the band in a new Metro Times interview.

“I was one of those guys who no matter who they got, I would have been standing in the back of the room with my arms crossed going, ‘No, no I could have done that way better,'” Gutt says. “So you know what, why don’t I just go do it then. I already know what everyone is going to say, all the negativity. I’ve already gone through it all in my mind, so nothing surprises me. I’ve got thick skin.”

“I was one of the last people to walk in,” he says. “My thing was just getting in the room — if I can get in the room I can get the gig.”

He also discussed being on The X-Factor.

“At the time, my choices were go on TV or move back to L.A. and try to make it the hard way… again. Or I could go stand in line for a day like all these other people do,” Gutt says of X Factor. “I’ve been getting my teeth kicked in for 20 years, so I figured I can go stand in line for one day and get my shot. It’s a guaranteed shot.”

“If I would have won that crappy contract I would have been stuck in purgatory for the rest of my life,” he says “It’s a bunch of suits that have control over your career at that point. I got to cut and run and do my own thing. I think I’ve proven that I’m more than just a TV singer. I was always more than that, even before I went on TV.”