Foo Fighters Rumored List Of New Drummers


With the news of the Foo Fighters coming back into full-swing now hitting the mainstream, many have been wondering who will be able to fill the shoes of Taylor Hawkins?

On Reddit, fans have proposed a few drummers who could do a great job at the gig. As of now, it seems that almost everyone feels that Dave Grohl will be playing the drums in studio. As for on tour, here is what one fan said: “Rufus, Josh freese, or Omar hakim. I think a rotating cast of drummers is unrealistic for planning purposes, and Shane shouldn’t have the pressure to be the replacement, he should enjoy being young. Also, it seems like they want to tour in 2023 so probably can’t mess around with a new drummer and need the experience/composure.”

Any of the above would do a great job here and fans all agreed.

Another fan echoed this as well: “I posted a while back saying I think it’ll be Josh Freese as well. He just seems like the most natural fit. Could be Rufus, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch. Omar is leagues above Foo Fighters music and isn’t stylistically the same. Shane wouldn’t be the right fit either because he’s so young and touring would be harsh on a young kid. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the first album back that Shane made an appearance on drums or something.”

Now, when it comes to Shane Hawkins, it does seem like fans want him to come on board as well, but while all fans are showing him love, it does seem that some fans want him to spread his wings a bit.

One fan said this on Shane: “I also kind of feel like Shane should be left to pursue something outside of his dads band. Obviously he has some chops and skill so I bet he is gonna have a group of his own that could be super dope.”