Stone Temple Pilots Unseen ‘Shangri La Dee Da’ Video Leaks


Written by Dustin Schumacher

Stone Temple Pilots will always be one of those bands that will forever be less loved than they deserved. What an incredible band they were with Scott Weiland and they still do give it their all with their newest rendition of the band. Stone Temple Pilots frequented Howard Stern in the early 2000’s and now a newly ‘lost’ video has surfaced showcasing how great the band was with Weiland.

Howard Stern’s YouTube released a video of Stone Temple Pilots on the Howard Stern show as they played the often looked over track “Days Of The Week”. The song didn’t do as great as other songs had for them during this era, but it’s still a cult favorite for many.

One fan commented on the video: “The level of musicianship in this band was and still is just absurdly under-appreciated. The DeLeo brothers consistently bring some seriously next level compositions/chord structures/harmonies. STP was not hacky post-grunge buttrock and I’ll always Stan pretty hard for them.”

Other comments on the video praise Stone Temple Pilots for their work throughout the years and it really opened me back up to just how talented the band was when it was the original line-up. The songwriting of Scott Weiland is just so unmatched in so many aspects.