Stone Temple Pilots Used Iconic Grunge Band’s Gear On Classic Tracks


Drummer Eric Kretz revealed in a new Drum Magazine interview that Stone Temple Pilots used gear used by Nirvana and Metallica on Nevermind and the Black album respectively.

“I tracked with a birch kit that had a 24″ kick and power toms, and I already had a cymbal deal with Paiste. Beyond that, we were lucky enough to have a good-sized recording budget, so I got to reach out to The Drum Doctor in L.A. and rent a few snare drums. One of them was that ’80s Tama Bell Brass that was on Metallica’s Black album and Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ We used it for ‘Dead And Bloated,’ ‘Sex Type Thing,’ and ‘Piece Of Pie.’ I kept asking Ross [Garfield, owner of Drum Doctor] to sell it to me, but he would just laugh. It was a beast of a drum. If you listen to ‘Dead And Bloated,’ it sounds different than other tracks sonically because I was hitting so hard. I’ve never had a drum that you could hit that hard without it choking.”

He also said, “I think we tracked everything in three weeks. It went pretty well because we were very well rehearsed. We tracked about two songs a day, and we did it all live together. I remember for ‘Dead And Bloated,’ I made Scott [Weiland, singer] face me directly because I wanted to have the anger and all of the presentation of that song right in my face.”