Superjoint Bassist Calls 2016 “A Horrible Year for Rock Stars”



After the split of legendary metal outfit, Pantera the former members all found ways to stay relevant in the music scene. The most acclaimed of these projects all featured, ex front man Phil Anselmo, with one of the most well known being Superjoint Ritual. The band was made to play smaller venues and had a sound that fused Panera’s signature groove with hardcore punk and crossover. The band would release two albums. Use Once and Destroy, and A Lethal Dose of American Hatred before splitting in 2004. In 2014 the band got back together and did several acclaimed tours, recently changing their name to simply; Superjoint. I was recently able to interview bassist, Stephen Taylor about the band’s new album Caught up in The Gears of Applications amongst other things.


Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming album? What made you decide to released it under the name Superjoint instead of Superjoint Ritual?

The writing process went really well. The album is just about finished and I feel we poured our heart and soul into ever track. If I were to compare it to the band’s first two I’d say it has a more mature sound. The reason why Phil had the band’s name change is because of legal problems with a former member of the band.

Any tour to promote this? 

No full one yet. We recently played a show at The Glass Monkey in Texas. Fun show, favorite one I played since our tour with Danzig and Prong.

When people think of the NOLA scene, they think of 90s bands like Eyehategod, Crowbar, Down and Acid Bath. Who would you say are the best bands from today’s NOLA scene. 

We got tons of great bands coming out. Mountain of Wizards is a great one. Awesome jam band. Also, a lot of those classic bands you mentioned are putting out some quality new material. There is a lot of good music always coming out of this city.

I saw Mountain of Wizards open for High on Fire last year. Great band, nice guys too. 

Yeah they’re cool cats.

What are you thoughts on 2016 in general?

What a horrible year for rockstars. We had high hopes for 2016, but it went down the crapper pretty quick. I can’t wait for this year to be over. It’s like once Lemmy died at the end of last year everyone went down with him. People are dropping like flies.