System of a Down Singer Teases Rock Return Album


System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian recently joined in for a new interview with Kyle Meredith. During the interview, he was asked about his plans to record and release more solo rock music following the arrival of his “Elasticity” EP this past March.

Elasticity” was Tankian’s first solo release since 2013’s “Orca”. Upon its arrival, “Elasticity” received widespread accolades, with New York Magazine saying the collection sees Tankian’s “rock-and-roll impulses return in vibrant, mischievous form,” Loudwire dubbing it “an exercise in eccentricity,” and The Ringer praising the five-song EP, saying Tankian’s “full range of … writing talents are on full display.”

Serj Tankian talks about the possibility of releasing another Rock album

Tankian said that he enjoys working on the rock genre and he has many more rock songs ready with him which he is planning to release in the near future. By the end of this year, he revealed that he will have a dozen releases which include two films, two soundtracks.

He responded:

“‘Elasticity’ was really fun to put out, actually, because it was very full of life; it was very moving. Something like the song ‘Your Mom’, which people were just, like… it was blowing their minds, which was fu**ing awesome. And I enjoy doing the rock stuff, and I still have more rock songs, and they’ll probably come to me at a particular time. But mostly I’ve been focusing on scoring, art, putting out a lot of releases. By the end of this year, I counted, I will have had a dozen releases of things. That includes two films, two soundtracks.”

“And also I put out my poetry collection — my poetry suite, which is a whole record of poetry with cinematic music that we released later this summer. So it’s kind of wild, man. It’s been a year of probably the most releases I’ve had. And it’s just whatever comes. If rock comes, I do rock,” added Tankian.

He further said that by the end of December, he might be writing more rock songs. System of a Down hasn’t released a full-length album since the “Mezmerize” and “Hypnotize” LPs, which came out in 2005.