TALIA Are Bringing Grunge Spirit Of Nirvana & Hole Back To California


On their 2015 album Thugs They Look Like Angels, TALIA brought a Grunge sound on standout tracks like “American Bride,” which has a music video with an impressive 50,000 views on YouTube. “American Bride” has a great slick Grunge sound, reminiscent of Nirvana’s Nevermind and Hole’s Celebrity Skin. It sounds like it could have been produced by Butch Vig. The guitar and bass tones in particular have that mix of California beauty and Seattle angst heard on Hole’s “Celebrity Skin.” The vocals are very unique and keep the band sounding fresh.  For anybody bemoaning the death of rock, TALIA show that the fire still burns.

After rocking the Whiskey a Gogo last summer, TALIA are back in California this week to bring down the house. PR announced last week that the 90’s inspired Parisian rockers TALIA will be returning to the West Coast for the second year in a row, playing five shows at five venues all over California, from the Bay Area to San Diego. This will be their first US dates since their critically acclaimed performance at the Whisky a Go Go almost a year ago today.

The dates are as follows:
-August 3rd The Bancroft – Spring Valley
-August 5th Stork – Oakland (Bay Area)
-August 13th The Holding Company – San Diego

TALIA have been a mainstay of the Parisian rock and punk scenes for several years now. With their aggressive riffs, heavy basslines, and wonderfully intense drum beats, TALIA is always lively and ‘on the verge of implosion’. Their third album, Thugs They Look Like Angels, was a worthy successor to Cockroach Killer, released in 2008, and Permanent Midlife Crisis, released in 2013. In a country often starved of national rock icons TALIA proudly bear the mantle of musical predecessors in bands like Trust and Noir Desir by pouring love on their French fanbase.

Their success has been recognised in a variety of ways. From appearances in the French edition of Rolling Stone Magazine to opening for numerous renowned artists, such as Nashville Pussy (2017) and Soul Asylum (2016), TALIA has been setting the scene on fire with plenty more to come. With over 100 shows in France under their belt over the years, the band has thoroughly delved into their home market and kept its eyes on opportunities abroad. Suffice to say, fans on the West Coast will be happy to see them return somewhere a little closer to home.

TALIA’s desire to tap into the aesthetic and landscape of 90s alt-rock should appeal to fans of Hole and the Pixies, while their track record touring with a wide range of bands will ensure that new fans will get the opportunity to be transfixed and touched by their music. With ten tracks blending fantasy and reality, urban wastelands with fantastical power structures TALIA have encapsulated strange new worlds on Thugs They Look Like Angels and are excited to bring these tracks to America!