Talk Show’s Dave Coutts Rips Stone Temple Pilots: ‘They’re In Their Own Tribute Band, Dean DeLeo Is A Prick’


Dave Coutts, who was the lead singer of the short lived band Talk Show with Stone Temple Pilots’ DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz in 1997, has ripped the band in a new interview with BlastEcho.

He said he considers the members of Stone Temple Pilots to be ‘amazing’ musicians, but he unloaded on Dean DeLeo, calling him a ‘prick’ and ‘chord snob.’ He said, “I can understand why Weiland got high.” He also said the DeLeos and Kretz ‘used to talk a lot of shit’ about Weiland when they were in Talk Show. Coutts did mention though that he is amiable with Robert DeLeo.

He also discussed STP’s singer search, stating it is ‘too soon’ for them to be seeking a new frontman. “Scott just died, Chester just quit. I mean, come on, put it to bed.”

“I think they’re playing in their own tribute bad,” Coutts says. “That’s pretty sad.”

“Maybe they can do it like ‘The Bachelor’ and instead of roses, hand out little candy microphones when someone makes second-tier singer.”