Taylor Hawkins Son Spotted With Female Rocker


It’s been around six weeks since Wembley Stadium hosted the London iteration of the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert, but we haven’t forgotten the star-studded event — and neither has Nandi Bushell. The incredible drummer took to Twitter to give a ton of praise to son of Taylor Hawkins, Shane Hawkins, as the two shared an awesome moment with one another.

Via a clip, she said: “Jamming with Shane backstage at Wembley is one of my favourite ever moments. Shane is one of the nicest, friendliest, talented people I have ever met. He is so much fun to be around and has so much energy.”

In the video, the two jam to “Everlong” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. While drums appear to be both kids’ instrument of choice, Bushell also flaunts her bass licks while Hawkins shreds guitar.

This is just the latest in Bushell’s seemingly never-ending spree of jam sessions: Just earlier this week, she posted a clip of her rocking out to Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In the Name” alongside her little brother, whom she said she’s teaching about “all the greatest rock and metal bands.” And earlier this month, she also shared an impressive cover of Eminem’s famously speedy track “Rap God.”

Shane is carving out his own name as well as he seems to be a multi-instrumentalist as well as Bushell. It would be amazing to see these two start their own band as they both jive insanely well. Special thanks to Consequence.