Kayne West Money In Bank Account Leaks In Video


The man who claims to be reformed, the man who spends millions of dollars on beach front property that will end up at the bottom of the ocean once the BIG ONE hits California, is at it again. Kayne, Mr. MAGA hat is back in the headlines, and it’s not for his new clothing line where he states, All Lives Matter – Well, if he really believed that he wouldn’t be investing millions of dollars in a beach front property. Kanye revealed in a new video seen at the bottom of this article that Adidas has froze $75 million in his bank accounts, and he can’t use his Apple Pay. Anyway…

According to Huff Post, the artist formerly known as Kayne West, now “Ye”: rapper and fashion designer; unexpectedly showed up at the ComplexCon festival in Long Beach, California, this past Sunday night.

In multiple videos posted on the “laughable” social media make believe networks, “Ye” was seen moving through a crowd of folks that had formed around him at the two-day event. One attendee, Teena Thach, told HuffPost his arrival seemed to be a “total surprise.” She said Ye moved through the crowd for 30 minutes before making his way out. Sounds pretty dramatic to me, mysterious even. Perhaps he is auditioning for the role of Phantom of the Opera, hip style.

“It was crowded and he had security and there were so many people around him, people started pushing,” she said. “He was trying to walk out, but there was a huge crowd around the whole time. Then he eventually went to the exit.”

The Long Beach festival, which brings together major fashion and streetwear brands, artists, and musicians, featured appearances from celebrities, including Michael B. Jordan, Pusha T, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert – whomever these people are.

Complex, which like HuffPost is owned by Buzzfeed, said it was not commenting on the matter. ComplexCon did not acknowledge Ye’s appearance on its social media channels.

If you ask me, and even if you don’t, it appears Kayne West “Ye” is attempting to drum up some new contracts. By drifting in and drifting out of a large messy event with lots of news feeds observing it certainly looks that way. Who can blame him? He sure does need the money to complete that beach house he so desperately wants to build.