Taylor Momsen Gets Facial In Leaked Photo


Get your head out of the gutter and your eyes into looking at this recently posted photo of Taylor Momsen. In a recent Instagram post, the star posted up a photo of herself giving herself a facial. Yes, a facial to keep her skin glowing, that is.

It seems that Taylor was the first to make a point of the joke as she asked her followers “What did you think I meant by a facial?” Of course, her fans loved this and flooded the comments with praise and jokes of their own as everyone seemed to be in on it.

Now, what’s crazy is the facial device. It kind of looks like a pregnancy test strip, but that for sure does not seem to be the case because it’s also glowing red, which, if it were a pregnancy test, then this would all be incredibly concerning as it’s not only on her face, but it’s glowing a very red glow.

Taylor Momsen, however, is not pregnant and she’s just doing all she can to relax and treat herself as she deserves to do so after working so incredibly hard in the industry to get where she’s at today. Fans have been on her posts around the clock to ensure that she’s doing well and they’re even thankful that she’s not only been doing great, but that she’s taking care of herself and thriving at the highest possible capacity that she can do so.

We also hope that she’s doing well and we hope that you’ll take the time to give her a kind comment on her Instagram which you can check out below. We can’t wait to hear what she has for us next as surely, it’ll be something very special with whatever it is that she chooses to do.