Taylor Momsen Reveals If She’d Consider Fronting Stone Temple Pilots


During Alternative Nation’s interview with The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen at Welcome to Rockville over the weekend, Momsen revealed if she’d ever consider singing for Stone Temple Pilots. STP have been searching for a third lead singer for well over a year following Chester Bennington’s exit from the band and Scott Weiland’s death.

Below is an excerpt from Alternative Nation’s interview with Momsen, where she recalls pranking her Pretty Reckless bandmates about singing for STP.  The full interview will be published tomorrow.

I know you’re a Grunge fan, would you, if you ever had the time or were approached about it, would you ever consider [singing for] Stone Temple Pilots?

(Giggling) I thought about auditioning for that!

No way!

Honestly, I freaked out the rest of the band. I called Mark [Damon, The Pretty Reckless bassist] and Jamie [Perkins, The Pretty Reckless drummer] and was like, “Yeah, so I’m gonna go sing for Stone Temple Pilots now and yeah, so we’re not touring anymore, sorry guys. This is it, my new gig.” And they bought it for a while! We fuck with each other all the time, but I actually had them for a minute. Have they hired a new singer?

No, they still haven’t, they’ve been looking for one for over a year. You should think about it.

I’ll think about it! But I like writing and playing my own songs. I love Stone Temple Pilots, I think they’re fantastic…maybe one show I would sing their songs.