Taylor Swift Shows Behind For Boyfriend In Photo


Taylor Swift is a name that is surrounded but nothing but good things. No real scandals have been brought her way, and if there were any; they faded away rather quickly. However, now it seems that things may have caught up with her as she was recently accused of stealing a jacket from Joe Alwyn.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly ‘stealing’ if it’s from your significant other, but this is something that Swift has enjoyed doing for her fans for a while now. She would drop clues to her fans and they would have to put the pieces together to figure it all out. This clue came in the form of a post-Grammys Instagram photo dump, in which Swift reportedly wore a leather jacket belonging to her longtime (and notoriously private) boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Fans noticed the jacket and shared side-by-side images of the singer and her boyfriend both wearing the Celine Homme top on Twitter.

This seems like a way for Swift to be close to her boyfriend even though he wasn’t there that night. There’s no word on why he wasn’t there, but it probably was conflicting schedules rather than a far-fetched idea.

While he didn’t join her for the awards ceremony, Swift was surrounded by friends, collaborators, and music industry peers.

According to Yahoo, what’s more wild is that Swift and Harry Styles ran into one another as the two did, at one point, date one another. There was no commotion. In fact, she was even spotted conversing with ex Harry Styles and the two exchanged a friendly fist-bump.