Ted Nugent & Donald Trump Concert Video Revealed


Controversial rocker Ted Nugent recently played the national anthem and received the “Great American Defender Of Freedom” award from former U.S. president Donald Trump at American Freedom Tour’s Winter Gala at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on December 1. Video and photos from the event can be found below.

Nugent discussed the award during a recent episode of “The Nightly Nuge”, a news-style clip in which he offers his take on the news of our world every night. Speaking to co-host Keith Mark, Ted said in part:

“This was given to me by the great president Donald Trump, and it says right here: ‘The Great American Defender Of Freedom Award’. ‘American Freedom Tour’. ‘Ted Nugent’. And so I’m accepting this, Keith, on behalf of you, because you’re a freedom fighter, and my entire team, and my wife Shemane, my kids, who stand up against the lie, the scam, the joke of peer pressure. God made us individuals.

“So here at ‘The Nightly Nuge’ I accept this on behalf of everybody watching and celebrating ‘The Nightly Nuge’ where truth, logic and common sense is the wind beneath the eagle’s wings,” he continued.

“And if we don’t fight against evil, if ‘I’m not into politics,’ you are literally fueling evil. In 2022, if you’re not against the Nancy Pelosis and Joe Bidens and the Hunter Bidens and the Eric Holders and the Barack Obamas and the Hillary Clintons, if you’re not against them, then Satan… And this is harsh, harsh terminology… if you’re with the Democrats and you think men should destroy the hard-earned world athletic records of women, and if you think that fat, perverted, Satanic men should be able to crotch-twerk children at a drag queen event, then you’re on the side of evil. You have to be into politics.”

Nugent has been a vocal advocate for Trump. In 2019, Nugent defended Donald Trump after the then-U.S. president was accused of making racist remarks about Democratic congresswomen from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.