Ted Nugent Drops Controversial Paul Stanley Bombshell


The controversial rocker Ted Nugent recently spoke about Paul Stanley. He believes the Kiss guitarist “hit the nail on the head” with his thoughts on best-practice medical care for minors.

In a tweet on Sunday (April 30) titled “My Thoughts On What I’m Seeing,” the Kiss guitarist/vocalist wrote that he is concerned about children being given access to gender-affirming care.

“There is a BIG difference between teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children into questioning their sexual identification,” he wrote.

He added that adults “may decide reassignment is their needed choice,” but said that children should not be eligible for gender-affirming surgeries and procedures. “Turning this into a game or parents normalizing it as some sort of natural alternative or believing that because a little boy likes to play dress up in his sister’s clothes or a girl in her brother’s, we should lead them steps further down a path that’s far from the innocence of what they are doing,” he wrote.

Closing his statement, Stanley claimed that too many parents were confusing “teaching acceptance with normalizing and encouraging a situation that has been a struggle for those truly affected and have turned it into a sad and dangerous fad.”

Ted Nugent comments on Paul Stanley’s comments

Ted addressed Paul’s comments during the latest edition of “The Nightly Nuge”, a news-style clip in which Nugent offers his take on the news of our world every night. He said:

“Well, Paul Stanley, number one, has a work ethic. And the industry and the world never really celebrates the incredible work ethic that James Brown taught us, the hardest-working man in show business. And Kiss , and certainly Paul and Gene [Simmons], and all the guys, they have an incredible, fire-breathing, animal, unstoppable, indefatigable work ethic. And so when you work your ass off to put your heart and soul into being the best that you can be, providing the greatest products you can possibly come up with, the greatest performances every night, when you have that kind of logic-driven life, then logic will surface in other ways. And Paul Stanley just unleashed some beautiful logic.

“And how about Kiss? Let’s talk about Kiss. What an amazing band,” he continued. “Talk about a hell-raising, street shit-kicker rhythm-and-blues rock and roll, unleashed, irreverent fun musical adventure they’ve created. I love those guys. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of concerts with Kiss and I consider them great friends.”