Ted Nugent Explodes At ‘Pigs’ With Jesse Watters


Legendary rocker and avid hunter Ted Nugent was recently asked what can be done to stop the invasion of hard-to-eradicate feral “super pigs” in Canada that are threatening to spill over to the United States.

During an appearance on last night’s (Monday, November 27) edition of Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime”, He responded (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“It’s pretty simple, Jesse. Number one, thanks for having me on, because I’m your pork chop daddy, and I know how to handle an invasion of pigs. You need to kill ’em and grill ’em. It’s pretty simple.

“I’m down here in Texas right now,” he continued. “I just got out of my tree stand with my trusty Mathews bow, and if a porker gets within 50 yards of me, it’s dinner on the hoof.

“It really is about hunting and management,” Ted added. “That’s what we do down here in Texas and Alabama and Florida. I’ve killed pigs in Hawaii with a knife. I hunt ’em with dogs and bows and arrows and atlatls and machetes and 10-millimeters [handguns] and rifles and machine guns from helicopters.

“Jesse, you haven’t lived till you’ve hunted with Uncle Ted from a helicopter with a machine gun and killed the pigs.”

Asked by host Jesse Watters if it’s “necessary to hunt these things down from a chopper,” Nugent responded:

“Yeah. We legalized it here in Texas back when Governor Perry was governor and Greg Abbott was attorney general. We legalized the helicopter hog hunting, and it’s become a multi-billion-dollar industry now. And it’s the only real effective method to mitigate the productivity of pigs. The pigs are such producers. And you’re right in your introduction — they devastate the environment, they destroy wildlife, they destroy agriculture, they spread disease. So the ultimate way is to increase the killing, which means take off all regulations and let us have at it.”

He added: “By the way, I like my pork pissed off and wild pig meat is the best pork in the world.”