Ted Nugent Goes After Piers Morgan In Sad Video


The controversial rocker Ted Nugent has once again grabbed the headlines with his recent comments. He went on to defend his right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, arguing that he got it from “God.”

Ted Nugent defends himself

The musician discussed his natural-born rights as an American while talking to John McLaughlin of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. The 73-year-old conservative rocker, who recently resigned from the board of the National Rifle Association (NRA) after 26 years, said:

“I don’t need any man — in fact, no man exists to authorize or offer me a permit or a license for my right to keep and bear arms. My name is Ted Nugent. I was born with the God-given individual right, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, to keep and bear arms 24-7, 365, 74 years on American soil. And I take it a step further because I don’t think the Constitution and Bill Of Rights limits me to American rights… I believe as a human being, a free man created in the image and likeness of God…

“I hope people are paying attention, because these kinds of truisms are what has labeled me a radical and an extremist. Well, you’re right damn right I’m a radical and an extremist because I don’t speak sheep talk; I don’t speak German; I don’t speak ‘proper English’ because I’m a free American.

“I have the right from God, as outlined in the Second Amendment, to keep and bear — not keep in case, not keep in lock, not keep in truck — to keep and bear arms on my person on planet earth while I am alive,” Nugent continued. “And I would dare, I would dare anybody to play Piers Morgan with me so I could go back to the Concord Bridge and explain how some other man will determine if, when or how I can defend my life and keep and bear arms. See, that’s where we’ve become. Some people go, ‘Well, they need to declare that you have a constitutional right.’ Are you kidding me? So I need some man to go, ‘By the way, Ted, I give you the constitutional…’ You don’t give me jack squat. I had that when I was born.

“God created you as a free man, as guaranteed by the outlined self-evident truth in the Constitution,” Ted added. “Currently Americans are being infringed by the abuse of power that we let them have all these years.”