Slipknot Wife Savagely Unloads On Corey Taylor ‘Lies’


Former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn is currently involved in litigation with Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan over his departure over payments and money issues, and now Fehn’s wife Melissa appeared to take some shots at Taylor and the band on Instagram, though her comments were vague so it’s hard to know exactly what she means. The new Slipknot member brutally collapsed at a concert recently.

Melissa commented, “Our children are so good I can’t even believe i… Thank you. Chris [Fehn] for being an amazing dad. I’m sorry you were scrutinized for that. You should Gabe always have the right to be amazing. Period. Regardless of whether certain ppl thought so or not. At the end of the day, we all still have each other. We are all healthy-minded. I appreciate that..”

She added, “I realize this will probably start a whole new PR war. I don’t fucking care. I have proof, our kids are amazing. They give zero fucks about what their dad did, who else can say that? No one.”

A fan asked, “What?”

Melissa posted, “I’ve been there for sooooo long. They just want you. You are not available because you think other things are more important. When someone thinks their own family is important, you think that’s crazy, I’ll take my “nothing” over your ‘everything.’ WE ARE FINE. No matter how you try and spin it. I haven’t heard from anyone in years so FUCK OFF. We have SOOO many ppl that are actual family. That actually care. You can continue your lies as long as you want. They are still lies.”

She added, appearing to reference M. Shawn Crahan, “I’ve been holding this back for soooo long. I’m so sorry that a child has passed. We cried for days, we still do. How is everyone doing, is everyone doing OK? Would you know? I’m assuming from the past when anyone needed you but you were not available, you still are not. Where do your priorities lay? With the band, you hide from? Please realize what is important. It’s not you, it is not you.” The alleged new Slipknot member’s first interview surfaced a few days ago.