Ted Nugent Reveals Truth About Salvador Ramos


With the horrible tragedy that has taken place recently in Uvalde, Texas that left children and teachers deceased – many are speaking out about what should be done to stop future travesties from happening in America. This shooting follows the incident that took place in New York as a gunman opened fire targeting people based upon skin color. Ted Nugent has recently spoken out against calls for lawmakers to pass legislation designed to reduce gun violence, saying such bills largely target law-abiding gun owners and wouldn’t curb violent crime or stem the illegal transport of guns from other states.

To preface, Ted Nugent is a huge pro-gun advocate as he was a 26 year veteran of the NRA in which he recently resigned from. In his YouTube livestream on Tuesday, the rock musician and Texas native condemned the massacre in Texas but joined other Republicans and conservative commentators who say the country has to address mental health issues.

In the livestream, Ted Nugent went on a tangent as he stated about shooter Salvador Ramos: “We are gonna absolutely condemn the evil, Satanic, demonic soullessness of a monster who would slaughter innocent children and to those who think that we need more gun control, who could possibly be so heartless and stupid to think that someone committed to murdering innocent lives would give a rat’s a*s about another gun restriction, President Biden? How heartless. How soulless. How cruel. How dishonest.”

With the unfortunate numbing of a nation due to the frequency of such shootings, many have different opinions on how to curb such things from ever happening again. The current agenda to end the violence is unclear no matter the political affiliation and we have yet to come up with any true resolutions as it pertains to such. We hope that there are answers along with action in sight rather than thoughts and prayers alone.

Thank you to BlabberMouth for the transcription.