Temple of the Dog Drop New Album Bombshell


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard revealed if Temple of the Dog will release a new live album from their 2016 reunion tour in a new WRIF interview, as transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“I have no idea. I don’t even know if any shows got fully recorded. I haven’t actually asked that question, because I almost don’t want to know yet, because it’s just too soon. But it would be great if it did, I would say yes.”

Gossard also discussed Temple of the Dog’s 2016 tour on Appetite for Distortion. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“The joy I felt, I’ve been thinking about him, and I think about how we felt so lucky to be on that tour. Him wanting to do a Temple tour, and for him to come up, the first day he came in, we were trying to get these songs back together again. He was just so good to us, he was such a great musician. We were playing the songs pretty good, but we went out there and hackled a little bit. We weren’t totally on top of our game when we got going.

But the songs were so good, and you listen to that record, and how did he write that? The wisdom on that record, and the generosity of spirit that he was able to capture in terms of making a record for buddies that weren’t even in his band, looking out for somebody else. It just shows you the power of generosity in art, and it shows you his wisdom in regards to his voice, and translating that art into his voice, and just the power.

He had a magic to his art that was just unbelievable, and the fact that we got to be part of that is ridiculous. It’s now a dream thinking back, that [Temple of the Dog] actually happened, but it did, and it’s a very strange thing. For us, we were also thrilled to be around him. He was excited, but did he have that comfort from somebody else? I just hope that he did. Sometimes I don’t know.”