Temple of the Dog Reveal What They Need To Overcome To Make New Album


Mike McCready has revealed what Temple of the Dog will have to overcome to make a new album: schedules. McCready said he hopes to record a second album in a new interview with Gibson.

“I hope so! It’s up to Chris (Cornell) and everybody’s schedules. I would love to play with those guys anytime.”

He also remembered the experience of making Temple of the Dog’s debut album.

“I had been playing in bands since I was 11, and this was my dream coming true. I got a call from Stone (Gossard, of Pearl Jam), and, at the time I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do. I wasn’t looking for it, and this opportunity came to me, and I had to take it. The feeling I recall was one of exhilaration and newness. Ed (Vedder) had just come up (from San Diego, CA.), and Temple of the Dog started a little bit before Pearl Jam, but we were doing them at the same time and they overlapped.

For me, it was completely exciting to play with these two singers – Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder – that were unbelievable. I had never been in a situation like that where everybody was firing on all cylinders. The door to my dreams opened up, and I had to walk through it. Prior to that, I had stopped playing in a band and was working at a restaurant and didn’t really know what I was going to do, so this just kind of came out of the blue.”

“When I was asked to play guitar on Temple of the Dog’s album, I felt like I had to be really honorable and careful, because it was more of a healing from Andrew (Wood, of Mother Love Bone) passing away. It wasn’t a record where it was like, ‘Let’s put this out and go on tour and make a bunch of money.’ It was more of a record that came out because Chris (Cornell) wrote the songs, and Jeff (Ament) and Stone (Gossard) were playing music together again, and there was this new guy in town Eddie (Vedder), so it was more of a healing thing. At the same time, it was a big opportunity for me. So, there are a lot of emotions and feelings that go along with that record. I’m really proud of it.”