Ten Underrated Horror Films You Can Watch on Netflix!



Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there. While the site did downsize it’s film library, it still includes many horror classics such as The Shinning, Hellraiser and newer favorites like The Void and It Follows. It also contains many horror films that are pretty overlooked. Here in no order are ten of these great horror films.


The Fury (1978)

From master director Brian Depalma (Scarface, Carrie) comes one of his most overlooked films. In this sort of spiritual  follow up to Carrie, a sinister officer is capturing children with psychic abilities to use as super weapons. The film is full of great tension, performances,story and score by the one and only John Williams, The Fury is a great flick for those in the mood for some fun science fiction/horror.


Beyond the Gates (2016)

A very overlooked gem from last year, this retro style horror flick is one of two on this list to feature horror queen Barbara Crampton. In this film two brothers as well as the girlfriend of one of the brothers find a mysterious VCR game titled “Beyond the Gates”. As they play this game they learn of the mysterious disappearance of the boy’s father as well as the weird consequences that happens to those who play.


The Devil’s Candy (2015)

From director, Sean Bryne, who brought us the awesome film The Loved Ones, The Devil’s Candy is his second entry in the horror genre. After moving to a house in Texas with his family, a struggling painter becomes possessed by satanic forces. The film starts out almost kind of sitcomy but descends into weirdness quickly. This film along with The Loved Ones both display Byne’s potential as an upcoming horror master.


We Are Still Here (2015)

Another great recent film with Barbara Crampton. This flick is a nice call back to retro haunted house films. In New England this one isolated house wakes up every 30 years and demands a sacrifice. And of course a bunch of people ended up going to the house during this time and learn a deadly secret about the whole area. If you love your horror very occult this is one not to miss.


Christmas Horror Story (2015)

This christmas themed horror comedy is one of the funniest films you can watch on Netflix. Narrated by William Shatner, this film features short, christmas themed over the top horror films. With an evil Krampus, Santa fighting zombie elves and a possessed boy who loves food, you know this is one film never to pass up.


Late Phases (2014)

The werewolf genre is known for having many bad movies with only a few gems (Ginger Snaps, the original Wolfman, The Howling etc). Late Phases is the most recent of these gems. In this film a blind veteran must try to stop a werewolf that has been terrorizing this one community. This film is brutal as hell when it needs to be and loaded with great atmosphere making for a fun night under the full moon.


Ravenous (1999)

Starring Guy Pierce, this period piece is one of the best horror films of the 90s. The film is about 19th century cannibalism but has a kind of comic tone leading many to think that the film is sort of a horror comedy.


Tales From Halloween (2015)

The second anthology horror on the list, this one based around Halloween. This film contains many tongue and cheek skits that make for fun quick watch full of over the top quirky humor and gore.


Legend of Hell House (1973)

A classic haunted house movie that is commonly overlooked. Loaded with atmosphere, surprises and some very freaky imagery, this film is up there with the likes of The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist.


Starry Eyes (2014)

Starry Eyes is one of the best horror films of the last 20 years and one that should be viewed by any horror lover with a Netflix account (or looking for a new movie to buy). Funded through kickstarter, Starry Eyes tells the story of a young girl with severe mental health issues and stress looking to make it in Hollywood. As she makes it closer and closer to fame she starts discovering the secrets of the Hollywood elite as well as start to lose her sanity and humanity. The film has everything a good horror movie should have, interesting story, good atmosphere, one of the best soundtracks in a while and some really horrific images. This is a film best seen with as little spoilers as possible as you will not be seeing most of what happens coming. This film is destined to one day become a cult classic among horror hounds for decades to come.