Foo Fighters Reveal Why They Want To Play With Justin Bieber


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Pat Smear discussed their collaboration with Justin Timberlake on Concrete and Gold in a new Absolute Radio interview, and they also discussed why they’d be open to a Justin Bieber collaboration in a new Planet Rock interview.

“He’s the greatest,” Grohl told Absolute Radio about Justin Timberlake. “He’s fun, he’s smart, he’s funny, obviously he’s really talented. He’s fun to hang out with. I mean, his career has taken him to quite a ride — going from the band that he was in when he was young and then going solo and then all the acting and stuff. He’s really legitimized himself as an artist and a songwriter.

And when he came in to sing on this song with us, he was such a pro, man — it was just like that [snaps fingers]; his pitch, his singing, everything was perfect. And then he gets behind the desk and he says, ‘Okay, you might wanna roll off a little 2K on the high-frequency thing with the three-part harmony, favor this line over the others because that’s the root note. He seemed like a producer, you know.”

Prior to announcing Timberlake as the mystery guest on Concrete And Gold, Grohl previously described the singer and sometime actor as the “world’s biggest pop star” and “more than a pop star,” adding that he’d “been around a long time.”

Planet Rock asked Grohl and Smear about possibly collaborating with Justin Bieber.

Smear said, “I would invite him in, come on.”

“You have to.”

Grohl added, “I think yes. It’s either come one, come all. We’re not building any walls here around the Foo Fighters, okay. It’s an open door policy.”

He then quipped, “Extreme vetting. Extreme musical vetting.”