Tengger Calvary Vocalist Talks Playing With Alice Cooper and Megadeth


Hailing from China and now located in New York, Tengger Calvary are one of today’s hardest working metal acts. Mixing Mongolian folk music with metal and classical piano they have a sound like no other. I recently spoke with vocalist/ guitarist, Naturre on tops such as their killer new album, Die On My Ride and how they are going to play the legendary Wacken Open Air festival in August.

Can you tell us about your new album? How would you compare it in style to the others?

Musically it adds a lot of new elements such as more piano. We also use more western melodies on this record. The lyrics also focus more on a personal perspective and less of a historical one. I think those are the biggest changes on the album.

How did your partnership with Nosey begin?

Thanks to our PR company, Adrenaline PR we have been building connections and been able to put our name out easily. We are also friends with Kim Kelly, one of the writers for Noisey. She used to spotlight us a long time ago.

What made you guys decide to relocate to New York?

I wanted to pursue a career in music and America is a place that’s much easier to get exposed in. More venues and diversity than in Asia.I got into NYC when I got accepted into a music program at one of their colleges.

I see you guys are playing Wacken? How does it feel to be playing there?

We are both excited and nervous. We hope this new tour will make us ready to play this awesome fest. We want to give our European audience the best we can give them.

Who are you most looking forward to playing with?

It’s hard to choose just one since I love so much of the line up but since I’m such an old thrash guy i’d say i’m most excited for Kreator.

It’s crazy that you guys are playing with Megadeth and Alice Cooper. Speaking of the metal scene are they any newer bands you love?

I mostly still listen to all the bands I grew up with. I do listen to new bands but I also like many genres like punk and electronic. I grew up with Slipknot and a bunch of older bands. I’m sure there are many good new bands out I’ve been just too lazy to check them out.