The Beatles Mistreated Their Former Bandmates


It’s a little difficult for some fans of the iconic UK band, The Beatles to believe, but according to new reports that have emerged, the bandmates were not as nice as what they were perceived to have been. Often life imitates art, and art imitates life. So, which is it in The Beatles case. According to this new revelation to fans, it was not the former.

As per Cheat Sheet, The Beatles’ former bandmates, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best, never saw the level of success the rest of the band eventually went on to enjoy. The two played with the band in the early days. While both left for various reasons — Sutcliffe wanted a career change, and Best was fired. However, neither was treated particularly well by their former bandmates (The Beatles).

John Lennon was good friends with Sutcliffe, who played with The Beatles as a guitarist. Still, he often mistreated his friend. The rest of The Beatles would often tease and belittle Best and Sutcliffe. 

[Lennon] was a bit aggressive at first. If he found he could browbeat you then you were under his thumb,” a friend, Billy Harry, told The Guardian. “He used to treat Stuart [Sutcliffe] really badly at times, humiliate him in front of people.”