Roger Waters Defends ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Reimagining


Roger Waters had surprised Pink Floyd fans when he announced that, among other 50th anniversary celebrations for the record, he would release a re-recorded version of the legendary album “The Dark Side of the Moon”.

It was approved by drummer Nick Mason, who called the effort “absolutely brilliant”, the re-imagined studio effort arrived on October 6, with the first single released being a reinterpretation of “Money” that polarized fans.

Roger Waters needed to reimagine Dark Side of the Moon

Due to the record’s massive influence and inescapable legacy, many are calling Waters’ reinterpretation of the album “unnecessary”, with the musician coming to defend the project.

While saying that he loves “the original recording”, Waters added in a recent promotional clip:

“This record actually deserves a reimagining. Simply because the message has stood the test of time, the concept has stood the test of time and it’s a really important thing. It needed to be expressed and it seemed like a really good way to celebrate the 50 years that the original recorded version of this work has survived.”

“We’re making a different version of it. Not to supersede it, or to replace it, but to remember it and as an adjunct to it, and to progress the work of the original concept of the original record and all those original songs.”

“The new recording is more reflective I think, and it’s more indicative of what the concept of the record was. It is a reinterpretation and I hope we can gain more from it than we did back in 1973 when it first came out. Because it’s been part of our lives for 50 years and yet we are still not yet breathing in the air.”

Waters concluded:

“People have to listen to it before they can form a view of what it is. I’m very proud of it and I hope it will be a rallying point for people, not just people who like music, but people who like love and life.”