The Black Keys Had Prank Call With Obama Mention


The Black Keys are all about having a good time, but sometimes, not everyone is on board with that or can keep up with just how much fun they like to have. One fond memory that readers may have is an episode of SNL which hosted the Black Keys. That night would go down as one of the wildest nights for the band.

On an episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ we are joined by the Black Keys. The episode is just so full of amazing stories and antics that the band have done and pulled over their time together. The band took to the show with Joe Rogan to discuss a new album, but not only that, they were able to tell some never before heard stories to the Joe Rogan audience.

On the show, a discussion is started by Joe Rogan about pranking people and prank phone calls. There seems to have been a falling out with prank calls over the last ten years or so as now all phones come equipped with some form of caller ID. That wasn’t always the case, as some older readers know.

During this segment about prank calls, drummer of the Black Keys, Patrick Carney took to giving his take on prank calling as he is very fond of dishing it out. One instance with this was on SNL.

Patrick stated: “One of my favorite prank calls was when we were on Saturday Night Live. I didn’t wanna go out in New York and get sucked into a party. So, we stayed in the hotel and just prank called people. So, I just prank called a bunch of people. I went on Craigslist and I searched for Egyptian artifacts. I got ahold of this guy who had texted me – so I called and it goes straight to voicemail. I said ‘Hey, this is Dr. so and so from the national museum of Canada trying to get in touch with you.’ His voicemail specifically said he would not answer block calls.”

He closes: “So, my brother is there and my brother calls and says ‘I’m so and so’s assistant – been trying to get in touch with you.’ So, finally we keep prank calling this dude and I call and finally he answers and says ‘I know who this is.’ I said ‘Good, I’ve been waiting to get in touch with you. You have something we really need.’ This phone call lasted forty minutes. I tell him ‘This item that you have is something that we’ve been looking for for decades. We’ve been building a pyramid in the center of Canada for the last hundred years and it’s near completion. When we get your artifact, we will be able to energize this pyramid. Are you comfortable with that? Are you comfortable with the total shift? Are you comfortable with the enslavement of certain populations? He said ‘Hell yeah I am! F*** Obama!’