Aerosmith Music Video Star Tried To Commit Murder


Aerosmith music video star caught up in crimes

Aerosmith seem to have wild connections to the law as the former model who famously starred as the shirtless man in Aerosmith’s unforgettable ‘Crazy’ music video has been seen living life to the fullest as a free man after his release from prison.

Dean Kelly is the name of the model and he rose to fame in 1994 with his likeness featured in the Aerosmith hit-song’s video. The scene was set for Dean Kelly almost ideally as the world saw him go skinny dipping in a lake with actresses Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler.

The biggest issues would happen to Dean a bit later on as the ex-model landed in legal trouble and had been serving a decade-long sentence in Washington Parish, Louisiana after being accused of a murder-for-hire plot and sexual battery crimes.

A look inside the case is fairly dark and twisted. Dean Kelly, the Aerosmith music video star, was charged in 2016 with four counts of solicitation to commit murder after plotting to kill four people while he was already serving time behind bars for sexual battery and underage sex.

He was also accused of hiring a hitman to kill a judge, a district attorney, the lawyer who represented him, and the teenage girl he was jailed for abuse.

Prosecutors said Kelly tried a hire a former Rayburn inmate to carry out the hits – offering $35,000 in cash, two luxury cars, a boat and BMW motorcycle, local media reported at the time. As stated above, Dean Kelly had only served ten years for everything that he did. It wouldn’t end there though as Dean Kelly found a way to start catfishing women on Facebook by using multiple accounts.

Upon Dean being watched by the police, they eventually cracked down on him and looked into his belongings in which they found multiple counts of child abuse on his computers.

Dean Kelly is now free, but something says that it won’t be for long.