Bono Ripped For ‘Trainwreck’ U2 Performance


While Bono and U2 have done what they can to show that they are one of the most selfless bands in all of rock today, one fan wasn’t impressed by the quality of performance that the band gave during one of their most recent shows in Australia. A Twitter by the name of Captain Slapstick stated that he attended one the group’s show is Sydney and had a scathing review for Bono and company. Bono newly ranted at U2 show after rain hits him onstage.

The Twitter user gave his account as Bono ‘not connecting with the crowd’, ‘bad sound’ and even proclaimed the crowd being ‘bored.’ You can view the series of Tweets below.

The worst concert I’ve ever been to. Sound was shockingly bad. Bono didn’t connect with the audience. For “beautiful day” the whole stadium should have been pumping but it was far from that. Amazing. U2- taking the piss.

The user continued:

That concert was terrible. The sound was a train wreck. The band didn’t connect with the Audience. Looking around I can’t remember ever seeing so many visibly bored people at a show. It never pumped and ended with a total whimper. Shocker!

In other news regarding U2 and Bono, fans of the group discussed the non-album track from the No Line era entitled ‘Soon’ via the U2 Reddit.

Foreign_tongues said: “It’s a great track. maybe too short, maybe not fully developed (as you say). i love it just like it is. I hope someday one of them will tell us (truthfully) how the decision was made to leave this off the album. it would be interesting to know what the final straw in the discussions was. I would love to know.”

Bono recently revealed how much U2 bandmates are paid. Mancapturescolour replied: “I think this was meant to be on ‘Songs of Ascent’ in its full version (Kingdom of Your Love), but then they shelved the album plans and released this in a shortened form (Soon) with the concert film set to please the fans. There was another teaser with a similar vibe that was played before Beautiful Day early on the 360° Tour. (A female voice repeating “We love you” and some words in a language that I don’t comprehend, possibly Arabic chants?)