The Eagles’ Joe Walsh Helped Tool Make ‘10,000 Days’


TeamRock recently interviewed Joe Barresi, who engineered and mixed the tracks on Tool’s 10,000 Days album in 2006.

“Basically, we’d been trying out some of the Heil mics and we were introduced to Bob via the company that loaned us the gear. When it was time to cut the solo, we had listened to so many famous talkbox solos and Joe Walsh’s sound was the one that was the closest to what we were after. So we asked Bob if he could make the introduction, and Joe called Adam one day and told him some of the tricks he had used in the past to make his talkbox sound so rad. It was a really cool moment to get tips from a master like that.”

He also discussed Tool’s pastimes in the studio.

“We played a lot of Guitar Hero; I remember that game coming out back then and I turned the guys onto it. That was a good pastime in the lounge, as well as making anyone who came to the studio sit through R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet DVD. Priceless entertainment.”