The Man From Another Place Throws David Lynch and Showtime Under The Bus


In this episode, Alternative Nation / Obnoxious and Anonymous’ James Woolley discusses the (possible) reasons and implications of Michael J. Anderson’s Facebook post concerning “Twin Peaks” (2017), David Lynch and Showtime…

Michael J. Anderson recently posted online-

“In response to repeated multitudinous inquiries regarding “What happened?”.
We told David at least a year in advance what we valued my participation to be. He told Showtime he would need more money. They refused. He said he would not participate. Then there was a big public outcry to get Lynch back on board. Producers agreed to the budget increase with an increase in episodes. Lynch decides to use the funds from the budget increase to hire a bunch of famous, albeit unrelated, actors instead of me. Get it? THAT’S what happened. End of story.”

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