Kurt Cobain Daughter Tight Disney Sweatshirt Photo Revealed


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has uploaded a video where she discusses Disney while wearing a sweatshirt. Cobain recently joined My Chemical Romance at their reunion concert.

B00BiELOVR posted on Reddit about Nirvana reunion performances in recent years, “Joan Jett sucks at covering Nirvana. Am I the only one that thinks this? It’s a strain to listen to. Something about it just feels really off key or weird to me. And I know obviously ‘nobody could be just like Kurt almighty’ and I wouldn’t ever expect it to sound identical or even that similar. But like jeez. It’s awful. Sorry by the way. I’m super high. So my bad if this seems stupid to somebody.”

Dr_Deirdre_Airlines responded, “She’s a legend that doesn’t get the respect she deserves. She made SLTS her own. With that said – She didn’t do as good as she could have at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame show – If you look up the St Vitus show, she sounds a lot better. Methinks she didn’t rehearse enough.

​Joan has helped women get much more respect in the rock world and helped jumpstart the music of the riot grrrl movement (which had some great bands such as L7) and I think she still sounds great today. I saw her every year from 2015-2018 and she sounded great each time. But yes, she could have done better.”

JHaos chimed in, “Yeah, I can’t stand it either. They totally should have chose Brody Dalle to sing instead of Jett. Jett sings it with no emotion at all, like she’s just up there to help her buddy Dave out and doesn’t want to be there.”

OdobenusIII added, “But the idea was to have one singer before them, one of their peers and 2 up and coming artists. So Brody really don’t fit to that cause she was not before or peer and not up coming either.”