The Pretty Reckless’ Top 10 Songs


10. Oh My God

“Oh My God” is the band’s latest single off their soon-to-be-released album Who You Selling For. The tempo and energy of this song is similar to their “Sweet Things” on Going to Hell, with very fast drumming and guitar phrases. Momsen snarls about the burdens of life and fame, wishing she could “take it back” to an earlier time in life when she was “so dumb and so innocent.” The song comes to an abrupt end, leaving us anxious for what is next to come.

9. Zombie

Arguably the best song on their first album Light Me Up, “Zombie” is also one of their heaviest songs. Having written the song at only 15, it is clear that Momsen had undergone some pressure throughout her youth, and this was her warning for everyone to back off.

8. Fucked Up World

“Fucked Up World” not only has a very catchy title, but the song itself is as well. With a tambourine to keep the beat and west-coast guitar sound, this is probably the most experimental track on Going to Hell. With lyrics about the things that seem to be wrong with today’s society and what we choose to prioritize, the band is proving to its fans that while they are very serious about their rock and roll, they still like to have a little fun too.

7. Take Me Down

This is the first single released off Who You Selling For, and it hit number 1 on the rock charts this summer. Another song revealing the truth about the music industry, Momsen describes her experience giving her “life to rock and roll” and signing “with the devil.” The music has a very classic-rock sound to it and features a brief organ instrumental and background singers at the end.

6. Blame Me

“Blame Me” definitely stands out on Going to Hell because it’s one of the lighter sounding songs. An upbeat rhythm along with Momsen’s reminiscent lyrics combine to make a very likable song that deserves a high spot on this list.

5. Sweet Things

If you didn’t already know that this band can shred and this girl can scream, then this is the song that will prove it to you. “Sweet Things” is fast-paced, angry, and raw. It also features guitarist Ben Phillips on vocals as the song leads into a conversation between him and Momsen. It has been described both as a play-on Little Red Riding Hood and a conversation between a woman and the devil trying to get her to succumb to evil.

4. Heaven Knows

One of the most popular rock songs of 2014 and the band’s first song to make the Billboard chart, “Heaven Knows” is one of the memorable tracks on Going to Hell. With a school bell and a choir of children repeating Momsen’s words, the song has even been referred to as a sequel to Another Brick in the Wall (part 2).

3. Follow Me Down

The song that brought my attention to The Pretty Reckless, “Follow Me Down” has a heavy sound to it with fast guitar riffs and intense singing. What makes this track stand out the most is the transition between powerful and composed. The verses are rigid, the choruses switch from acoustic to electric, and the bridge is simply eerie. The variety of style along with the enticing lyrics has this Going to Hell song in the top three.

2. Under the Water

“Under the Water” is a very dramatic song. It has a balance of both soft and heavy sections, starting off acoustic and eventually featuring deep guitar riffs and even strings. A song about pain and suffering with a glimmering bit of hope, it steals the runner-up position.

1. House on a Hill

A deep and dark song with a softer sounding edge to it, “House on a Hill” takes the number one spot on this list. Though Momsen uses ambiguous lyrics in order to allow fans to interpret their songs in a vast number of ways, she metaphorically makes references to conformity and corruption, making this song a relevant call to action to today’s youth.

Going to Hell, released in 2014, had exceptional reviews. Several of their songs, such as “Heaven Knows,” “Follow Me Down,” and “Fucked Up World” saw frequent radio play. Seeing as the two newly released singles off their unreleased album Who You Selling For made this list, we can expect a lot of good material to come. Pre-order Who You Selling For today and instantly get “Take Me Down” and “Oh My God.” The album comes out October 21st, and there is a tour to follow. Tickets are on sale now. Go out and see The Pretty Reckless and thank me later, they put on a damn good show. Stay tuned for some stuff from their show.