The Real Jeremy’s Loved Ones ‘Angry’ At Pearl Jam


Pearl Jam’s classic 1991 song “Jeremy” was based on a real teenage boy named Jeremy Delle, who died by suicide with a gun in a Richardson High School classroom on January 8, 1991. ABC WFAA recently did a video report talking about the song “Jeremy” and the real life story behind it. Jeremy’s mother Wanda and friend Brittany King were interviewed.

King said about Pearl Jam, “I was angry at them for writing that song. I thought you don’t know, you weren’t there, that story is not accurate.”

She said the death made her grow up quick.

“It was a big wake up call. Life is not hunky dory all the time, tragedies happen.”

“It made me grow up pretty quick, literally overnight.”

King described being in the room when Jeremy shot himself, which was later dramatized in the Pearl Jam video.

“Shock and fear went into my mind, all the students, we ran to the back of the room and huddled together. Should I look? I remember thinking that, and I did. I looked, I don’t know why I looked, but I did. I will never forget it.”

Jeremy’s mother Wanda said the way he died did not define his life and who he was.

“That day that he died did not define his life. He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson. He was a friend, he was talented.”

“I was at my office, at work [when I found out]. I didn’t believe it, I was in shock. Not my son, I was going to pick him up that afternoon at school.”

Wanda described Jeremy as a talented artist, showing off his art work. Watch the full news report below.