Godsmack Member Speaks Out On Breakup Rumor


Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin recently addressed talks about the band possibly splitting up.

Shannon Larkin opens up on possibly breaking up

In a new interview with The Rockman Power Hour, Shannon Larkin spoke about the fact that Godsmack’s new album, “Lighting Up The Sky”, which is due in February, will probably mark the band’s final full-length collection of all-new original material.

The drummer said: “The whole cycle touring is we’re gonna quit making records and cycle touring. But we’re gonna stay together as a band and we’re gonna play shows. So it’s gonna be the same old song and dance except for we won’t be a slave to a product that we have to sell; we don’t need to do that anymore. We’re all in our mid-50s and older. I like to get that out of the way right away, that we’re not breaking up.”

Larkin went on to say that it was the idea of Godsmack frontman Sully Erna, whom Shannon calls “the genius,” to discontinue making albums.

“The beautiful thing about it is after we’ve done this record and we do this cycle tour, which means we have something to sell, we have something to support, we’d let people down if it doesn’t sell. So we will go on tour for two years and work our ass off and sell this record,” Larkin explained. “But after that, he’s, like, ‘We’ll do what we always do. We’ll take a year off. But instead of me calling and saying, ‘All right, guys. Let’s get together and write and record a new record and then [do] a two-year tour,’ I’ll call and say, ‘All right, guys. How long do you all wanna go out for? A couple of weeks?’ We’ll go out for a couple of weeks and do festivals in the summer. We’ll come to Canada and play for a week up there or something.

“These are the kind of things that make me excited, because here it is, man. I’m 55,” Shannon added. “And I’m not that old guy. In fact, I don’t expect to grow old or look old. But it’s life, man, so it’s gonna happen.”

“Lighting Up The Sky” will arrive on February 24 via BMG.