The Rolling Stones Give Refunds To Angry Fans

The Rolling Stones recently made an announcement regarding their concert in Bern, Switzerland. The band announced that though they came up with efforts, the concert couldn’t be rescheduled to a later date and it has been called off.

The Rolling Stones announced they will refund the money

The official Facebook page of the band issued a official statement regarding the cancellation of the concert and announced they will provide a refund. The statement read:
“We regrettably have to announce that despite all the best efforts the Rolling Stones concert in Bern, Switzerland cannot be rescheduled and has now unfortunately been cancelled. The Stones concert promoters have worked extremely hard all week and tried everything they possibly could to find an alternative date or venue for the concert in Switzerland but sadly this was not possible.
The band wish to send a huge apology to all the fans in Switzerland who bought tickets and are deeply saddened they cannot perform in Bern on this tour.
All tickets will be refunded from 21 June until 17 July 2022 from their point of purchase.”

The Rolling Stones are currently doing a tour as they are celebrating their 60th anniversary as a band. They are having a run of stadium shows across Europe. Keith Richards recently spoke about the band and addressed the speculations regarding the band’s future.

The guitarist said in an interview with The Sun that the British group intends to stay together for as long as they can:

“I think the most important thing is that the people in the band want to stay together. That helps! We had our ups and downs, of course. But in the end, we always noticed that we are more creative together.”

“And, of course, across these – my God! – six decades, you have got used to each other. The special thing about being part of a well-rehearsed group is knowing the others so well that you can predict up to a certain point what is going to happen next.”