The Rolling Stones Member Reveals Disturbing Addiction


While Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have dealt with their own issues over the years, former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman revealed in the new documentary ‘The Quiet One’ that he suffered from sex addiction. The Guardian wrote in a review:

The film features some telling quotes from the star about his frightening childhood in the 1940s, when German bombs rained down on his London neighborhood, killing classmates. There’s also important stuff about his relationship with his family. His parents had a “children should be seen and not heard” approach to rearing. Wyman says his father hated his son’s ambition to rise above the family’s poor status, viewing it as a betrayal.

Though Wyman says he later forgave his father, scars seem to remain. There’s choice footage, too, of the early days of the band, though, like his childhood years, it’s sometimes padded with stock footage or, when all else fails, animation. As they progressed, Wyman stood apart from the other Stones through his lack of interest in drugs. Instead, he admits, he “probably had an addiction to sex”.

The Daily Mail wrote in a review:

In one segment of the film, Wyman documents the women who used to pursue him. ‘Me and Brian [Jones, fellow Rolling Stone] used to go out to the clubs and pick up girls,’ he says. ‘They used to camp outside the hotel.

‘Of course, I jumped at it. It just became part of my life . . . There was probably an addiction to sex, because I wasn’t addicted to drugs, and I wasn’t addicted to wine.’