StrangeJuice Seize Their Moment On Truly Epic ‘Raising Cannibals’


When a band bleeds the effort and passion required to make an album, you better believe they are putting it all on the line in an effort to create something capable of inspiring and mesmerizing. Like albums that implanted the music bug deep into their very being, they’re hoping to reciprocate that glorious achievement. Every album could be your last and you need to capitalize on the very moment and make a record so fantastical, the literal floodgates of excitement burst wide open, nearly drowning everyone and everything in your way. For StrangeJuice, you best believe the Australian Indie-Rockers seized their moment and went balls to the wall to create something truly epic.

Raising Cannibals, the eclectic fourteen track album arrives May 10th. Led by the infectiously fun lead single, “Home Shopping”, StrangeJuice has arrived! You’d swear to god someone said their name three times in hopes of exorcising the demons of bullshit rock world of today in hopes of some great force taking over. “StrangeJuice, StrangeJuice, StrangeJuice!” See, it worked!

Dreamy soundscapes wrap your senses in a warm blanket of post-punk foundations and modern-day technological mastery. There’s an ease that travels around Raising Cannibals. The tracks are mellow yet haunting. Dominant yet welcoming. Melodies float around like waves of neon paint splattered across a white board, forming beautiful connections and unexpected surprises.

“Lazy Sun”, “Diet Pills”, “The Forgetting Place” and “Creatures of the Night” take the top spot throughout the albums breezy listen. Not really a bad song to be found. Yet this fantastic foursome leads the charge and serve as a great mission statement for the wonderful world of StrangeJuice.

Make sure to check out Raising Cannibals when it arrives May 10th. Fans of modern day pop the wicked New Wave of the 80’s will surely enjoy this wonderful collection of music!