The Who Reveal Painful Neil Young Concert Video


The Who are one of Rock and Roll’s most legendary institutions. With a career spanning nearly sixty years, the iconic, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have put out legendary hits such as ‘Pinball Wizard’, ‘I Can’t Explain’ and ‘I Can See For Miles’, along with countless others. With album sales reaching over a staggering one-hundred million records worldwide, it is easy to see why The Who are one of the all-time greats. This 90s icon recently joined The Who in a shocking announcement.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist and singer for the group Pete Townshend discussed a hot topic in the world of rock these days and another classic legacy rock star – Neil Young. Townshend would proclaim how back in the early 2000s, an audio engineer by the name of Elliot Mazer showed him a digital copy of Harvest, which Mazer worked on in the early seventies, and his thoughts on that. Townshend would state the following:

“This was a record I had forgotten about. How could that happen? Is it because I don’t listen to vinyl anymore, I don’t take vinyl on the road? Is it because I don’t make my own playlists on cassette like I used to?” The answers to all that, even back then, was a definite yes. We had stopped listening to music the way we listened to it.”

Furthermore, he would continue in the same interview by mentioning a very peculiar YouTube video performance – adding: “If you go on YouTube, you’re likely to hear Neil Young at the Bridge School wailing away with his old Gretsch with a voice like an old lady. What we don’t know is that he’s written some of the most beautiful songs that have ever been written, and also some of the most rocking. That’s true of Joni as well.”