Eddie Vedder Joins The Who In Major Announcement


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder joined The Who singer Roger Daltrey to announce that they are joining the ‘Fustercluck Music Matters’ campaign with MusiCares. Vedder just released a new single with Nirvana’s label a few days ago. Fustercluck is described as, “Music matters! Fustercluck’s mission is to champion and support all who keep the live entertainment industry a vital element of culture and spirit. Through humor, collaboration, advocacy and fundraising, we promote awareness and financial assistance for these individuals and their families in challenging times.” Alternative Nation transcribed Vedder and Daltrey’s comments.

Roger Daltrey said, “There’s a millions of people who are involved here.”

Eddie Vedder discussed canceling Pearl Jam’s 2020 tour, “It was a hard thing to do, because the relationship we have with the people who come to our shows, and the research we did on pandemics of the past, it did not look good.”

Daltrey added, “And more than just the musicians, the whole music business, the entertainment industry.”

Vedder recalled how music helped him through tough times, “Music helped me through it, this band helped me through it, that band helped me through it, that song helped me through it.”

He then said, “Support MusiCares, it’s all going directly to these great musicians and crew members.”

Daltrey concluded, “Fuster needs some help, I can see that.”

Fustercluck also wrote about their campaign, “Check out the incredible people and music icons who are joining us in raising our voices, because music matters! 12 million people in the live entertainment industry have lost 100% of their income since the Pandemic began, and there is no ‘return to work’ date or stimulus package in sight.

FusterCluck Music helps support and champion these individuals and their families in these challenging times. You can join us, too! Donate to MusiCares or shop FusterCluck https://fustercluckmerch.com for cool items that show you give a cluck. And share this important message so that more people can help us help.”