Tina Turner Last Photo Before Death Leaks


The news heard round the world today is that yet another pop music legend has passed.

For those who may be familiar, Tina Turner was a flare of energy that danced and kicked her way across stages globally for several decades. The energetic woman with big hair and a booming voice made the transition from music to film and television throughout her career, and famously performed the title track for James Bond 007 Goldeneye in 1997.

Turner also appears in the Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome movie starring alongside one of the producer of one of the most successful films ever in movie making history, Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson – again Ms. Turner performing the movie’s title song, “Thunderdome”.

Tina Turner endured several battles throughout her lifetime, but none more grueling than her last. Turner was diagnosed with kidney disease brought on by persistent high blood pressure. This is a stark warning to anyone who may be or may have suffered from high blood pressure. Kidney’s, as Ms. Turner placed on her Instagram page, incur a lot of pressure when blood pressure is high, which can lead to fatal damage.

Tina Turner was 83, and is survived by her loving husband, Erwin Bach, her family, friends and fans. Some will surely be singing, “You’re simply the best” today as they pay their respects to the woman who contributed to shaping the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and the final decade that played host to a classic combination of music hits – the 1990’s.

Our condolences are sent to Ms. Turner and her loved ones.