Freddie Mercury Bandmate Reveals Awful Shower Video


Freddie Mercury was very open with fans, and Queen guitarist Brian May himself was very open in a new shower video he has shared with fans, where he calls out a hotel (or possibly a venue) for having an unsafe shower, as he feared he might break his neck. Freddie Mercury kissing his boyfriend was revealed in a photo a few days ago.

May wrote, “Trivial Touring Tip number 135. ‘Don’t break your neck in the shower.’ Well, maybe not so trivial. Verbal instructions included. I should add, as caption to the last picture, don’t put the towel over the drain, or you will flood the place, and make sure you also have some towels on the floor OUTSIDE the showers for when you step out. It will be slippery there too. Here’s wishing you all an injury-free day !! Yay ! Bri.”

Talia Dean commented, “OMG B .. I just spat my tea out 😹 I just don’t know what to say … on here !!!” sail_away_sweet_beebin chimed in, “The Queen Fandom needs more posts like this. Brian giving us advice on how to shower properly, and safe, when using a dangerous shower.”

tracyannsee said, “Thanks for the tips Brian!! And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that last picture was a bit interesting. 😳😳.” rogersgreenhair added, “You bring your phone with you… to the shower??? Or was it just this one occasion? 😂😂😂.”

2.degrees.from.the.ecliptic told May, “Brian, I doubt that many of us are thinking about or looking at that bathmat in the last picture. Not that I want you to be just an object of fantasy in a physical way – no, you’re so much more than that. But the thought is there, because you’re beautiful. And I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.” Freddie Mercury was excited by a Queen bandmate in a dress in a rare photo uploaded a couple of days ago.