Todd Kowaluk’s “Enough Is Enough” Has Timeless & Ethereal Vibes


Todd Kowaluk, a prominent figure in Vancouver’s indie folk scene, has unveiled his latest musical creation, “Enough Is Enough.” This track is a harmonious fusion of Pink Floyd’s ethereal essence meeting the timeless rock vibes of the Rolling Stones. What truly sets it apart is the inclusion of a captivating drum machine beat, introducing a contemporary yet nostalgic ambiance that harkens back to the experimental ventures of the Smashing Pumpkins.

The song serves as a powerful call to action, urging listeners to seize control of their lives and challenge the established norms. Drawing from his years of crafting indie folk music with a ’90s influence, Todd Kowaluk intricately weaves a compelling narrative that has been lingering within him since his EP, “Love Can Set Us Free.” Unknowingly, this narrative found its full expression in “Enough Is Enough.”

Kowaluk had initially conceived the infectious, Paul Westerberg-esque indie pop guitar riff four years ago, but it took time for him to unlock the concept surrounding the timeless adage of “enough is enough.” He contemplated how to bring closure to the song, envisioning a brighter ending that could spur personal growth and elevate the human experience.

Todd stated on the song: “For me, as a songwriter, the question I kept going back to was ‘how does this song end’ ? That questioning made me want to evolve the song, find a brighter ending, hope for new beginning, a higher version of myself. I wanted to be a better human somehow, & hopefully in the process a better songwriter. When is enough enough? How does an artist know when something is finished? How does a heart know when it’s healed? Are humans as a race missing the beauty that’s all around them by putting limits on themselves and others.”

This track challenges conventional song structures, defying expectations by starting with a chorus—an unconventional approach that aligns with the song’s rebellious spirit. It invites listeners to question societal norms and reflect on the essence of humanity amidst the ever-changing world. It’s nothing short of a protest song, embracing a storyteller’s perspective and wittiness to engage the audience in thought-provoking contemplation.

With the support of Dave King from longwalkshortdock, a legendary figure in Vancouver’s electronic music scene, Kowaluk elevated “Enough Is Enough” to its final form. This collaboration breathed life into the track, propelling Kowaluk to complete what was once a work in progress.

Audiences are bound to be entranced by the infectious guitar riff and relatable lyrics, prompting a collective desire for more of this thought-provoking musical journey.

Intrigued listeners can experience “Enough Is Enough” on Spotify, immersing themselves in Kowaluk’s distinctive blend of Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic, Pop, and Pop Rock genres. The track stands as a testament to Kowaluk’s growth as a musician, a journey fueled by self-discovery and a passion for voicing what truly matters in this world. Through his music, Todd Kowaluk seeks not only to resonate with his audience but also to find his authentic voice—a voice that holds the potential to resonate with many and inspire positive change.

As Todd says best: “If love will set us free why constantly test it with boundaries?”

We highly recommend checking out this flavorful track that will bring you in and not let you go.