Tom DeLonge Almost Got Hit By Fireworks


A video clip of Tom DeLonge recently emerged in which he can be seen almost getting hit by pyro during Blink-182 concert at SoFi Stadium on July 6.

Tom almost gets hit by fireworks
byu/potrillo2124 inBlink182

It is needless to say that Tom DeLonge has been the charismatic guitarist and co-founder of the band. He created waves in the music world and continues to do so. A few months back, Tom DeLonge has teamed up with Fender to share a new signature Starcaster, which he describes as “the coolest guitar ever made”.

Announced on April 16, the new collaboration between the pop-punk legend and the iconic guitar manufacturer comes after DeLonge was drawn to the model, and began taking it on tour with Blink-182 in 2022.

The guitar was initially released in the ‘70s to offer versatile sounds for players, the design of the original model has been modified by the artist for his signature edition – now introducing more modern elements to make the look and feel unique to him.

“I love this guitar, I really do. It’s the coolest guitar ever made. Firstly, it is called a Starcaster—that’s the most important thing. It goes to space and expands your mind,” said DeLonge in a new statement.

“I made some changes to the original Starcaster [too]; I’ve streamlined the electronics, added the ‘70s headstock to round out the weight, and chose the matte finish with black hardware, so its look matches its modern feel,” he added. “This guitar shows my evolution as a player but also has the hallmarks of where I came from and what I’m about.”

It has been noted that in terms of the specifics, the DeLonge Starcaster has a semi-hollow, offset body, and is turbo-charged with Seymour Duncan SH-5 pickups. As per a press release, it is also “perfect for playing chunky power chords and crunchy riffs, just as its namesake loves to do on stages around the world with his band Blink-182.”

It is available now for £1,149.00 and comes in four colourways – Shell Pink, Surf Green, Olympic White and Shoreline Gold. Visit here to find out more.