New Tool Album Photos Leak Revealing Who Pooped In Studio


Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently shared several photos from the studio as the band record their long awaited new album on his Instagram story. One funny photo of the bathroom he captioned, “Fact: During a past recording session a client’s chimpanzee monkey used to poop in this bathroom.”

The latest Tool newsletter gave some updates on recording sessions. Blair wrote, “Knowing that what most of you are interested in is the progress of the recording sessions; I recently asked a couple of band members about any updates. So far, I haven’t received any replies, which I blame on the FIFA World Cup. However, from an earlier conversation that I had with Justin, I take it that everything is hunky-dory.

There haven’t been any more Altar fires, attacks by electronics munching tawny Crazy Ants or peculiar noises emanating from the new recording console. The studio has been properly banished with prescribed formulas and the uranium glass serving bowl has been filled with fiery Snickers. Without a black scrying mirror named “Almuchefi”, I don’t have any time-tables (although in my March, 2017 newsletter, I gave a pretty damn good guess as to when the tracking would start… wouldn’t you say?). Should I hear back from someone, I will include anything deemed newsworthy in an addendum.”

View Adam Jones’ latest studio photos below.