Tom Morello Calls Rage Against The Machine ‘Very Volatile’


Tom Morello discussed his relationship with his Rage Against The Machine bandmates in a new Metal Wani interview. You can watch the full interview below.

On the longevity of Rage Against The Machine:

“There was a band that was very volatile. It was, I think, kind of miraculous that we made four records. I’m so glad that we did. That’s the silver lining of that volatility is that we made four records I’m really proud of.”

On his chemistry with Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk:

“Well, the one thing is from the very first time that we played together on August 31, 1991 to today, we’ve had the same chemistry. There’s just a way that those three people play together that has a particular feel to it. Like, prior meeting Tim and Brad, I was dragging around some of the riffs that ended up on the first Rage Against The Machine. I played those riffs with very talented musicians. It didn’t sound anything like that. It’s just the way Brad and Tim lock in and it’s Tim’s ferocious playing and the way that matches with my riffing, it’s something that is very unique. I got to tell you: The other day when we were in rehearsal, whether we’re playing ‘Know Your Enemy’ or a brand-new Prophets of Rage song, we lock in a way that is very different than any other three musicians.”

On President Trump possibly being impeached:

“[Laughs] We live in very dangerous times. Dangerous times demand dangerous music and that’s one of the reasons I made ‘The Atlas Underground’ record. In this era of racism and polarized opinion, I’ve made a record where it’s people of different genders, different ethnicities, people of different generations, people of different music genres who have all come together in the spirit of solidarity and love to create something together. While there are statements on the record, the record itself is a statement when stands in stark contrast to a lot of what’s going on in our country.”