Clutch Guitarist Talks New Album And Playing With System Of A Down


Maryland stoner rock legends Clutch are back with their 12th album, Book of Bad Decisions. This record continues the band’s winning streak by giving us yet another quality record. The great riffs, fun vocals and memorable grooves are back like always as no song sounds the same. All and all this is a must have for any Clutch fan and a great introduction for someone not familiar with the band. I was recently able to speak with guitarist, on this new album and touring with metal legends, System of a Down.

How did the writing for the new album good?

We did what we always do. We through around music ideas around and this time we had more time than ever to do so. We all just got in the room together and hoped for the best.

I’m guessing you will be promoting this album on your tour with Sevendust?

Yes we sure will. We will also be playing Riot fest and doing a one off show with System of a Down in California.

How did you end up getting on System of a Down’s festival?

Well actually System of a Down’s first ever tour was playing with us and Slayer. We would end up opening for them several times since they blew up and they are a great band and we are great friends.

How does it feel touring with all these huge names like Mastodon,Primus,Motorhead. and Slayer?

It feels really great. I’ve been a big fan of Slayer and Motorhead since I was a kid. I always loved Primus and it was a huge honor to share the stage. Same with Mastodon. I feels really good to be a fan of all these great bands and then get to play with them and meet them. A very good experience.